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Martin Fairweather runs MJF Therapy which is now run from his home, near Southport town centre.

Although this type of massage is known as Sports Massage it is not just for those of a ‘Sporty’ nature. It is a deep tissue massage which is useful for helping relieve many types of aches and pains.  For instance, a lot of us hold tension in our shoulders and upper backs. A deep massage can get into those areas and help relax the muscles. From builders to hairdressers, whether you work out or not, you could benefit from a massage.

Of course for those who do like to spend time at the gym, it can be useful to have a regular massage as part of your training regime.

As part of his Sports Massage training, Martin spent time with the Rapha Condor Sharp bike team on their bike tour in Lorraine, France. He treated all members of the team over the course of the tour, including one of the 2008 and 2012 Olympic gold medal track event cyclists.

Martin is ITEC qualified to perform both Sports Massage and Reflexology.

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MJF Therapy is now working from home near Southport town centre. Please conatct me for details.

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